What We Do

Our clients benefit from years of expertise in record keeping, administration, consultation and actuarial services for a wide range of retirement plans. Heritage offers comprehensive consultation, design and third party administrative services personalized to meet our clients specific employee benefit needs.

In addition to our qualified plan sponsors, we serve the Institutional and Independent Financial communities. Heritage provides complete support for plan design and field presence to help you with your client relationships.

Through the knowledge and experience our associates have in this highly diversified, technical, and regulated industry, our clients receive the personal attention they need when choosing an employee benefit plan or developing unique customized retirement plans.

Our services include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Apply the eligibility requirements of your Plan
  • Calculating an employer contribution amount, that takes into consideration allocation requirements under the Plan, new participants, forfeitures and terminations
  • Perform any required non discrimination testing, as required under the Internal Revenue Code, including ADP/ACP testing, minimum coverage testing, top heavy testing and general non discrimination testing
  • Maintain individual participant accounts
  • Prepare annual reports (IRS Annual Return/Report Form 5500 or 5500-EZ, other supporting schedules as necessary, and Summary Annual Report)
  • Provide individual participant account statements of their respective interest under the plan
  • Determine the amount to be distributed to terminated or retired participants and prepare the necessary paperwork for participant signature
  • Assist in the processing of hardship, in-service and/or loan withdrawals as necessary