Who We Serve

With the right combination of features, Heritage can design plans that give you the competitive edge when presenting new concepts to potential clients. We can also review your existing clients qualified plans to ensure that they are up to date or need some guidance on maintaining their plans.

Plan design that:

  • utilizes recent tax code amendments to increase benefits and annual contributions
  • significantly increases tax deductible contributions, depending upon client's age and salary
  • provides maximum leverage to owners
  • meets government requirements
  • allows flexible contribution options
  • is fully-supported by Accountants and Attorneys

What Heritage Represents To Your Relationship With Your Clients
  • Existing clients seeking large tax deductible or tax-deferred contributions to a retirement plan
  • Clients wishing to increase current contributions to existing plans
  • Clients who have exhausted old defined benefit plan contributions
  • Professionals and high net worth clients interested in the asset protection features of retirement plans